About Our 8-Week Mindfulness Course

What Will This Course Involve?

This course is aimed at promoting your overall health and wellbeing. By utilising simple but effective techniques from the Zen tradition. This includes various meditation techniques including body scan and counting/following the breath, mindful movement and mindful living. We can equip you to effectively manage everyday life, deal with stress and pain, improve your concentration and generally boost your overall health and wellbeing. 

Over the 8-Weeks we will explore a range of topics including:

  • Stress and time pressures
  • Anxiety
  • Physical pain
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Elevated function
  • Changing your life

Who Is This Course For?

The course is open to anyone who wishes to take their Mindfulness practice a little deeper and explore the revolutionary impacts Mindfulness can bring. 

You don't need to be an experienced yogi, meditator or mindfulness guru to join this course - just be open and have faith within yourself that this course will take you on a complete new journey of self-exploration.

What Is Mindfulness And What Are The Benefits?

Extensive scientific research into mindfulness training consistently reveals its effectiveness in enhancing health and well-being. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reductions in stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion – and an increase in positive emotions, resilience and well-being
  • A stronger immune system, helping you to fight off illness more effectively
  • An increased capacity for focus, attention, learning, memory, creativity and concentration
  • A greater ability to regulate your emotions and to feel kind and compassionate towards ourselves and others
  • Heightened self-confidence and assertiveness.

Meet Lee Davey

I’m a Staffordshire based, qualified Qigong teacher and Student Zen Mindfulness and Meditation teacher.  Both practices have helped me through very stressful times in my life and it is this that I wish to share with other people.

I came to Qigong through my love of martial arts, this, in turn, quietened my busy brain and naturally led on to a love of meditation. My classes will give you a toolbox of techniques to calm and energise both the mind and body to help deal with the many stresses of living in this fast moving modern world.

It’s important to be good to other people in life. But equally, you need to be good to yourself. These classes will do just that, take some time for you. Both Qigong and Zen are ancient practices that have roots going back for thousands of years, they have definitely stood the test of time. Although both are from religious backgrounds both are taught in a completely non-religious way. 


Please see below the full dates for our next 8-Week Zen Mindfulness and Meditation Course:

10th May 2018

17th May 2018

24th May 2018

31st May 2018

7th June 2018

14th June 2018

21st June 2018

28th June 2018

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How Much Does This Course Cost?

Where Will This Course Take Place?

Our 8-Week Zen Mindfulness and Meditation Course will take place at our Studio in Staffordshire, the hub of Sky Blue Yoga!

How To Find Us:

Northfield Centre, Co-operative Street, Stafford ST16 3DA

How Do I Book?

To book your place on this course, or to find out more information please drop us an email below!

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